Monday, April 16, 2012

{Co-hosting!} Toddle Along Tuesday: A Day in the Life

TGIT! Okay, that was a little overzealous. I normally couldn't give two poops about a Tuesday, but today is extra special because I have the honor of co-hosting the Toddle Along Tuesday blog hop over at Growing Up Geeky! If you're here because of TAT, welcome to my blog sweet blog! I'm Katie. It's nice to meet you. :)

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is A Day in the Life. Share what a typical day is like for you in prose, pictures, videos, whatever you like! There are no rules, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.

A day in my life begins at 6 am during the workweek. My husband's cell phone alarm goes off, I take my temp and plug it into my Fertility Friend chart. {We use natural family planning as a birth control method, and I "temp" to keep track of where I am in my cycle.} I hear soft white noise coming from the baby monitor and note that Colin has slept through the night again. Yes! It's been about a week since he had any night wakings, and I feel like I'm getting spoiled by sleeping so well. Thank you, sweet boy!

Hubby and I both stretch and roll ourselves out of bed. We don't talk much in the mornings, usually. Our bathroom routine {with one sink to share} is like clockwork. We take turns going to the bathroom, weighing ourselves like we do every Monday {I've lost a pound this week for a grand total of 15.5 pounds lost so far. Hooray for Weight Watchers!!}, brushing our teeth. Justin rinses his hair in the sink and styles it. I run the flat iron through my hair and put on minimal makeup.

At 6:30, I wake Colin up. He isn't too thrilled about this.

We head to the living room where he gets a diaper change and a clean outfit.

There's no time to dawdle on a Monday morning. I sit Colin down in his high chair and feed him some yogurt. He isn't too interested, and prefers to munch on some cheddar "crunchies" this morning. Usually he loves yogurt, but you know how toddlers can be!

At 6:55 we're getting into the car and heading out. I worry that we're running a little behind schedule today, but we make it to daycare right on time. Colin gets settled in with Ms. Cindy and his {stinking adorable} little buddies, and I'm out the door.

I drive to work, which is usually about a 45 minute commute, and I listen to Catching Fire on my app while I drive. I'm working my way through the Hunger Games books at the moment, and I'm hooked. I get to work right on time - 8 am. I get settled in and eat my breakfast - pineapple Chobani Greek yogurt, my favorite! Instead of brewing coffee today, I try a Starbucks Via packet someone gave me. It's not bad, but I still prefer a good hot cup of coffee, I think.

From 8 to 12, it's all work, work, work. I won't bore you with the details of my busy morning. Fast forward to noon. I brought my lunch today - a Lunchable with turkey, cheese, crackers, Mandarin oranges, and a teeny rice krispy treat - so instead of driving somewhere, I walk across the parking lot from my office building to a picnic table overlooking the street. It's designed to be a smoking area, but no one is ever there when I I watch people walk by, eat my lunch and listen to a couple more chapters Catching Fire until my hour is up.

From 1-4:30, it's more work, work, work. Nothing too exciting. I'd rather be kissing my baby's chubby cheeks or listening to my audio book, but you gotta pay the bills. So I stay confined to my desk all afternoon which, by the way, has no windows. I feel a bit like a caged bird on this beautiful, sunny day and 4:30 can't come fast enough. Finally, it does come, and I'm off like a rocket, headed out to my little black Ford Fusion and then driving to daycare and, of course, listening to my audio book. I collect my adorable son and we're on our way home.

We get home, and Daddy is waiting to greet us. Daddy and Colin walk around and admire random things in the garage.

And now that we're home, it's the daily dilemma: what's for dinner? Colin, of course, is starving and must. eat. right. now. so I give him some strawberries and turkey sticks, and I make myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich on toasted bread with fresh strawberries on the side. Not fancy, but delicious!

After dinner, the three of us went on a family walk. Colin hung out in his wagon and enjoyed the beautiful evening as much as we did.

When we got home, he wasn't done playing outside yet, so we went to the backyard and played some more. Now, I'm spending a few minutes on the computer while the guys talk (my brother is staying with us until August) and Colin plays with his birthday cake toy that his great grandma got for him in January. As soon as I hit "publish" on this post, Colin is getting a bath, and then he'll get his teeth brushed and get tucked in for the night. Then, like most evenings, the hubs and I will take showers, tidy up the kitchen, and prepare ourselves for another work day.

Whew! Now that I have it all in writing, I see why I'm so exhausted at the end of every day! Thanks for hanging around long enough to read all this. I hope you've enjoyed it. I can't wait to read all of your posts and see what your day is like. Have a great week! ♥

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